Welcome to Chili Alloys

Chili Alloys is a leading industrial metal supply company that specializes in meeting the high-performance material needs of the aerospace, defense, medical, power generation and green technology raw materials industry. Our company focuses on supplying hard to find alloys while exceeding customer expectations. We provide a range of specialized services and processes to the domestic and international market including cutting, machining, grinding, solution heat treating and testing, as well as custom production.


✔Steel armor plate
✔Aluminum armor plate
✔2024 ✔6061
✔5083 ✔7075
✔300 Series ✔400 Series
✔17-4PH ✔Alloy 20
✔ 4340 ✔ 4130
✔ Maraging ✔ 4620


✔ Plasma Cutting
✔ Laser Cutting
✔ Milling capacity to 106" X 310"
✔ Shears up to 144 inches wide ✔ Shears up to 3/8 inches thickness
✔ Saw cut to 32” thick
✔ Multiple-view sawing