MIL-A-12560 REV H AMD 4

MIL-A-12560 heat treated plate is designed for both good ballistic resistance as well as defending against IED (improvised explosive devices). 

This grade of heat treated plate includes four Classes:
Class 1 – For resistance to penetration
Class 2 – For resistance to shock
Class 3 – For evaluation only. This Class of heat treated plate is not used on vehicles
Class 4 РFor maximum resistance to penetration 

Clifton Steel inventories Class 1, 2 and 3 heat treated plate in thickness ranges of
Class 1 – 0.25″ – 6″
Class 2 – 0.25″ – 1.25″
Class 3 – 2″ – 6″¬†

Our stock is always available in the latest revision, including the newly revised MIL-DTL-12560 Rev J heat treated plate in the same classes listed above. We stock this particular heat treated plate product in sizes that allow it to be laser ready without the need to cut down from a larger plate or to perform additional surface cleaning. The new specification allows us to inventory heat treated plate thicknesses as low as 0.100″.